How to Activate Sky SIM Card?

If you have just purchased your new Sky SIM card and want to activate it, then the first thing you have to note if you want to use the new SIM in a device purchased from Sky or purchased from another provider. Depending on from whom you have purchased your device, you can follow the simple procedure given below to activate your new Sky SIM.

If You Have Purchased Your Phone / Tablet from Sky

The process to activate your new Sky SIM card can be followed using two different methods. You can either choose to activate the SIM card using Online Services at or By contacting Sky Customer Service.

Activate Sky SIM Online

In order to activate your new Sky SIM card online, all you need are a few things beforehand which are mentioned below. The process takes only a few minutes.

  • Your Primary Sky iD
  • Sky SIM Activation Code written on SIM pack.
  • PAC or STAC if you are switching from a different provider. However, you can also provide it to Sky later.

Visit Sky Online Portal and sign into your Sky Online Account.

To activate your new Sky SIM card, first of all, visit and sign in using your Sky Login User ID and Password.

Go to Active Your SIM Section and Click on Continue

After logging into your Sky Online Account, visit “Activate Your SIM” section and click on “Continue” button given below on the page.

Enter Activation Code

Now, you’ll need to the SIM card activation code as mentioned on the card pack. Once done, you’ll have to wait for the service activation message from Sky.

Note: If you want to activate more than one SIM card at the same time, then you have to choose the plan respective to each of the SIM card.

More to that, if you are switching from different SIM service provider than you would need to provide PAC / STAC. The PAC  / STAC should be submitted to Sky before 5 PM during Monday to Friday except on Bank Holidays. In this case switching of the Network provider will be completed by 5 PM of the next working days.

You can also submit your PAC / STAC on Saturdays or Sunday after 5 PM. In this case, switching process of the network provider will take 2 working days.

Activate Sky SIM through Sky Call Centre / Sky Retail Stand

The process to activate your Sky SIM varies depending upon what payment method you want to set up for it.

If You Chose Monthly Direct Debit as Payment Method

For this method, you must have a working Sky ID linked to your account.

  • If you don’t already have a Sky ID, then click here to register yourself on and provide personal details such as Name, Email along with your 12-digits Sky account number.
  •  Once done, then click here to go to the Sky Id Setup page and link your Sky Id.

After setting up your Sky ID and linking your SIM with it, follow the steps mentioned in the Online Activation Method.

If you need any help with your Sky registration and linking to your account, then call Sky Customer Care at 0333-759-0634.

Note: You need to make sure that the Email address you provide during registration, is not a email.

If you Choose Other Payment Method

If you have chosen a payment method other than Monthly Direct Debit, then you will receive an email regarding thank you note for ordering sky product. It will be subjected as “Thank you for ordering Sky Mobile”.

In this email, you’ll see a link where you can link your Sky SIM with your Sky Account. After linking your SIM card with Sky online account, you need to follow the steps mentioned in the Online Activation Method.

If You Have Purchased Your Phone / Tablet from Any Other Provider

To activate your new Sky SIM and use it in your phone that you have bought from another provider, you will have to make sure that your phone is unlocked. To unlock your phone from another provider, you’ll need to contact your provider but must have the following details with you.

  • Your Mobile Number
  • Make and Phone Model Number (e.g. iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S9)
  • IMEI Number (You can look for IMEI number on your phone by dialling *#06#)

It is important to know that unlocking a phone is a time consuming process and can take up to 20 days or even longer to get the solution. Apart from it, not all phone providers offer free unlocking for their phone. So, you may have to pay a certain fee in order to get the phone unlocked.

After unlocking the phone, insert the activated SIM. If you have inserted the activated SIM into the phone before unlocking the phone, then you’ll have to restart the phone after unlocking it.

How to Change Sky TV Packages Online?

The process to change your current Sky TV package depends on whether you want to upgrade your current package or downgrade it. Below we have defined the steps for each, to upgrade your Sky package and to downgrade a Sky package.

Upgrade Sky TV Package

In order to Sky package, you must have a registered account on Sky Online Portal and, username and password for the same. You can upgrade some of the packages online on your own by following the steps given below. However, few of the packages can only be upgraded by calling the Sky TV Customer Support at 03337-592-794.

Step 1: Visit Sky Offers & Upgrade Page

Click here to visit Sky Offers & Upgrade Page. On the page, you’ll be asked to login using your registered username and password for Sky Online Account.

  • If you have forgotten your Sky Online Account username, then click here to retrieve login username. To retrieve the username of your Sky account, you will need the following information – registered Email Id or Account Information such as account holder’s last name, postcode along with 12-digits Sky account number or 9-digits card number.
  • If you have forgotten your Sky Online Account password, then you can click here to reset the password. You can reset the password using your login Email Id for Sky online account or the username.
SKY TV Offers
Explore SKY TV Offers

Step 2: Explore the Available Offers

Post the login, you’ll see the available Sky offers on the page. Now, check out the offers and narrow down one of the offers as per your requirements. In the finalised package, you must check the numbers of channels including the list of channels being offered to you.

You must understand that each Sky package comes with minimum 18 months subscription.

Step 3: Select a Suitable Offer for Upgrade.

Select the offer that you have finalised for upgrade. After selecting the offer, please check if any add-on has been added to your selected package. If yes, then check the details and unselect the same before proceeding if not required.

On Selection, the respective package will be added to your subscription along with the applicable charges for the package. Upgrade to the current package may take up to 24 hours to reflect. However, if you have chosen add-ons such as Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, HD or Sky Go Extra, then you’ll be able to see the update for these immediately.

Downgrade Sky TV Package

If you want to downgrade your current Sky TV package, then you can do so by following the steps given below. It is important to know that you can only remove the package if you have subscribed for the same for at least One Month. You can also contact Sky TV support at 03337-592-568 and request to cancel any of the product you are currently using in your Sky package.

Step 1: Login to Your Sky Online Account

You need to log into your Skye account at or you can simply click here to visit Sky Login page.

If forgotten your login credentials, then retrieve the username or reset the password by selecting the given option on the Sign-in page.

Step 2: Visit Sky TV page in Your Account.

Now, click here to visit Sky TV page. Or, you can browse the Sky TV page from the navigation menu post login.

Step 3: Select the Package or Add-on You Want to Remove.

On the Sky TV page, select the product, be it the current Sky TV plan or subscribed Add-on to remove it from your package. You’ll be taken to the “Manage Packs” section where you can remove the selected product by clicking on the “Remove this pack” button.

Step 4: Receive the Cancellation Notice and Check the Date.

On placing the cancellation request, it usually takes up to 30 days period in order to remove the selected service or product from your Sky TV package. You’ll receive a confirmation mail stating the date on which the selected service will be removed from your current package.

Sky TV Customer Care Contact

Sky Offers one of the most extensive networks of customer care services in the UK. The Sky TV Customer Care services can be divided into two groups, Sky TV Customer Support and Sky TV Customer Complaint. Sky extends a wide variety of support options under both these categories. Here, we have provided detailed information about each of these services.

Sky TV Contact

You can seek help from Sky TV related to any of its products and services. Here, we have discussed in detail all the four support methods offered by Sky TV.

Sky TV Customer Support Guides

Sky has a help page on their website, where they offer a number of customer support articles to their users. You will first need to create a user id for yourself, if not already registered for the service. Once signed up, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Log-in to your customer account
  • Select “Sky TV”
  • Choose the type of Sky TV service you need support with. Whether it is Sky Q or Sky Plus.
  • Now, you will be asked to pick the category that you need support with. You have to choose among Watching Sky TV; An On-Screen Message; Sky Q Equipment; Sky Viewing Card; Sky TV PIN; Settings & Preferences; and Account & Billing.
  • Once you select an option, you will be provided with a new menu of option that breaks down the problem even further.
  • This cycle will continue until you find the exact issue that you are facing.
  • Once you click on the final issue, you will be provided with an article containing a step-by-step guide towards solving the issue.
  • Follow these steps and if you still face the issue, you will have two options. Either you can look at a new guide or you can get in touch with an expert from Sky.

Sky TV Customer Support Through Facebook Messenger

Sky TV offers customer care services online, on Facebook. They have a Facebook page by the name “Service Support 50” fully dedicated to customer support for Sky TV services. You can simply leave a message in the messenger chat head. An expert from Sky will soon get in touch with you. Sky does not generally take a lot of time when it comes to replies, however, it depends upon the availability of technicians. It is to be noted here that in order to seek online support through Facebook messenger, you must have an active user account with Facebook.

Sky TV Customer Support Through Text Message

You can also seek technical help from Sky by sending an SMS on their Customer Care number for text services, that is, 0786-001-5556. Simply explain your query in the text body and send it on the given number. This number is only meant for text-based services and they do not entertain any calls here.

After sending the text, you may have to wait for some time as the time to get a reply depends upon the availability of experts.

Sky TV Customer Support From Community

Sky Community is an online community base of Sky customers where a customer can post his or her queries related to any product or TV Show. The other community members who have faced the same issue will answer your queries. This process is a bit time consuming and responses are not guaranteed as they come from the community. You can join the sky community at

Sky TV Customer Care Number

The last but the least method to get support from the sky community is to get in touch with a technical expert via call. The Sky TV customer care number is 0333-759-2976. You can call on this number at any time of the day. It is to be noted here that the Sky TV customer care service is exclusive to Sky Talk and Sky Mobile users. If you are using any other telecom operator, call charges will apply as per standard call rates.

Sky TV Customer Complaint

You can file a complaint about any Sky TV services by using any of the following methods:

Write to Sky TV Customer Complaints

You can write a letter to Sky TV customer complaint. In the letter, elaborate on the issue that you are facing with the services. Once you get done with drafting the letter, post it to the following address:

Customer Complaints, Sky Subscribers Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7DD

Sky TV Complaints Number

You can also file your complaint by calling on the Sky TV customer care number for complaints, that is, 03300-413-019. Your call will be transferred to an expert technician from Sky. You can register your issue and the technician will guide you further about the issue.

How to Check if Sky Broadband is Down?

If you are experiencing troubled connection with your Sky Broadband service, then there is a chance that your connection is down. Here is how you can check if your Sky Broadband connection is down and how you can resolve it.

Check Your Sky Hub & Rectify the Issue Yourself

In order to check your Sky Broadband Connection whether the connection is slow or not working at all, first you need to check the Sky Hub that has been setup at your home.

To check if the signals at Sky Hub’s end is working or not, you need to check the lighting indication on the device. Each light indication represents different connection status. Below mentioned are the light indications to check on your Sky Hub.

Sky Hub Power Indication
Sky Hub Power Indication

Power Light Indicator

If there is no lighting indication on the device, then it means that there is an issue with power supply of the device. To resolve this, you need to check the power cable if it is properly connected to the hub as well as mains power socket, and the switch is on at the end of power socket.

If you still don’t see any light indication on the Sky Hub, then there is a chance that the device have some technical issues. Hence, you would have to make a request for replacement of the Sky Hub. You can reach Sky Customer Support at 0333-759-4263.

If you see a green light for the Power Indicator on the Sky Hub, then it means your device is receiving power properly. But if you see a Red light instead of Green, then it means that there is an issue in your Sky Hub. In this case, you must contact Sky Contact Service at the aforementioned contact number.

Sky Hub Recovery Mode Indication
Sky Hub Recovery Mode Indication

If you see a flashing amber light on Power Indicator, then it means the device is currently in Recovery mode. If this happens, then simply press and hold the “Reset” button located at the rear side of the device and check if you see green light indication after a couple of minutes. It is important to know that if you press the “Reset” button to resolve the recovery mode issue on your Sky Hub, then you will have to setup your Wifi password once again.

Apart from these indications for power, the power indicator flashes green when there is an update running on the device. It roughly takes 15 minutes to get the device updated and run properly again. In this case, you will have to make sure that the device gets uninterrupted power, otherwise the updation will fail and the process would start again the next time your Sky Hub gets the power.

Sky Hub Internet Indication
Sky Hub Internet Indication

Internet Light Indication

If the power indicator is showing a green light properly, then you will need to check if there is a Green light indication on Internet Indicator. If there’s no green light indication for Internet, then most probably the issue is at Sky’s servers or connection line. You may confirm about this by contacting Sky Customer Care at 0333-759-2359.

If you have Internet Calls service with your Sky Broadband package, then you might see an amber light on Internet Indicator. If this happens, then you will have to check the connection with Master Socket.

Wifi Light Indication

If both Power and internet indicators are working properly, then check the light indicator for Wifi whether there is a green light visible for it or not. If you don’t see a green light indication for Wifi, then there might be an issue with your Sky Hub’s wifi connectivity. To resolve this, you will have to contact Sky contact number at 0333-759-2359.

Test Your Sky Broadband Connection With the Help of Sky Customer Service

If you have checked all of the above mentioned light indication for your Sky Hub and it doesn’t resolve your issue, then you need to first log into your Sky Online Account and perform some connection checkups with the help of Sky customer service. To log  into your Sky Online Account, visit Sky Sign In page and fill your Sky account login credentials. If you have forgotten your Sky Online Account login user id / password or if have not registered on yet, then you can create and retrieve your login information using the following steps:

  • If you have not created your Sky Online Account yet, then click here to visit Sky Sign Up page and register yourself first by providing some simple information such as Your Name, Email Address, and Password you want to set up for login.
  • If you have forgotten your Sky Online Account User Id, then visit Sky’s Forget  here to retrieve the username. To retrieve the username of your Sky account, you will need the following information – registered Email Id or Account Information such as account holder’s last name, postcode along with 12-digits Sky account number or 9-digits card number.
  • If you don’t remember the login password for your Sky Online Account, then you can click here to reset the password. You can reset the password using your login Email Id for Sky online account or the username.

After logging into your Sky Online Account, click here to get online help from Sky customer support, and they will help you find the cause of the connection problem and resolve it for you.